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Good news for newcomers to the Geomatics and Civil Engineering field

Groupe Giroux will offer scholarships and refund workplace training expenses!  

Québec City, March 2, 2006 – Mr. Robert Giroux, land surveyor and President of Groupe Giroux, a leading company in the surveying field, has decided to encourage newcomers to the sector. “Students are important to the future of our company, and we are keen to give them the tools they need for academic fulfillment, both practically and intellectually,” he said. 

The company’s contribution will include a $425 refund to cover workplace training expenses for Groupe Giroux trainees. In addition, from September 2007 onwards, two scholarships of $500 each will be awarded to graduates of Geomatics and Civil Engineering programs. The winners will be chosen from a group of the most deserving students selected by a professorial committee. Selection criteria include academic performance during their three-year college program, involvement in extra-curricular activities, and personality.  

Groupe Giroux has provided specialized surveying services for the last 15 years. It is a leader in its field, and is able to count on the skills of 85 professionals and technicians in geomatics, geodesy and civil engineering, as well as topographical operators, computer scientists and administrative personnel. The Group’s expertise is divided into two separate areas, namely land surveying and construction surveying. 

Graduates are encouraged to apply now for employment with Groupe Giroux. Its Land Surveying Department offers above-average salaries for the market, prospects for short-term advancement to team leader status, a continuous education program, a medication, salary and life insurance plan and a pension plan with employer contributions. Groupe Giroux is currently hiring new employees. Newcomers are overseen by experienced team leaders whose primary mission is to transmit their technical knowledge and expertise. The coaching they provide ensures that new recruits are able to progress quickly, gain confidence and correctly assimilate the company’s working methods. The Construction Surveying Department also offers excellent prospects, as well as the possibility of working on major sites in James Bay, Northern Québec or elsewhere in the country. International projects are also under development.

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