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Québec City, April 28, 2006 – Groupe Giroux, a specialized land surveying firm based in Québec City, recently took over the operations of Groupe Birex inc., based in Chambly, on Montréal’s south shore. The move has positioned Groupe Giroux as one of Québec’s largest suppliers of construction surveying services.  

Birex inc. was created in April 1995 thanks to the vision of two partners with more than 20 years of experience in the field. From its very first year in business, the new firm’s order book was filled well beyond the expectations of its managers. After acquiring its first robotic surveying system, the firm grew steadily in subsequent years, increasing its workforce and equipment base. In 1999, Christian Bissonnette became the sole owner of Birex inc. and set up several new teams of surveyors, consolidating his assets and devoting his own energies to ensuring the firm’s continued growth. Over the years, he was able to extend the firm’s range of services and create five separate firms under the Groupe Birex umbrella.

Until very recently, Groupe Birex was still Québec’s largest supplier of construction surveying services. It was active in every sector of the construction industry, including sewer and water supply infrastructures, road repairs and construction, civil engineering and infrastructure work, and landscaping. It was the first company in Québec to acquire robotic construction surveying stations, the first company in Canada to acquire a 3D laser scanner, and a pioneer in the use of heavy machinery guidance, computer-based surveying systems and surveying equipment research and development.

Despite its impressive record, Groupe Birex was unfortunately obliged to terminate its activities in early 2006. Groupe Giroux has since taken over operations at the Chambly office. In doing so it has extended its market to the Greater Montréal region, and has also acquired the services of a highly experienced team of professionals.

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