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Construction Surveying

Construction surveying is the set of surveying operations required to meet the specific needs of building contractors. They take place on building sites where the work performed is covered by the Act respecting labour relations, vocational training and manpower management in the construction industry (R.S.Q., c. R-20).

Groupe Giroux has developed its construction surveying expertise by adapting the use of new, high-precision instruments to a range of innovative working methods to improve its efficiency on construction sites.

Groupe Giroux 's market share in the broader field of construction is increasing steadily, and the company has become a leading supplier of construction surveying services in Québec. Its extensive range of services is dispensed by a hard-working team of professionals and salespeople.

Groupe Giroux's most important achievements in construction surveying can be divided into four categories:
  • Roads and infrastructures
  •   Major works
  • Engineering surveys
  • Industrial and commercial construction
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