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Groupe Giroux uses leading-edge measuring devices, both conventional and robotic. The company also works with global positioning systems (GPS).

The Chambly office, when operating as Groupe Birex inc ., was the first company in Québec to implement robotic construction surveying stations. It was also the first company in Canada to purchase a 3D laser scanner, and was a pioneer in the use of heavy vehicle guidance, computerized surveying systems and surveying equipment research and development.

To provide its customers with the best possible working tools, Groupe Giroux employs a permanent storesperson who keeps an up-to-date inventory of the company's equipment. The storesperson is also responsible for repairs, calibration, mechanical adjustments on vertical test beds and vehicle fleet maintenance. As a result, the company's instruments are always in excellent condition and available to meet demands as they arise.

The most frequently used calculation and planning software applications in the field are AutoCAD, Menarp, Cadarp, MicroStation and Land Development Desktop.

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